End Sexual Harassment in Gaming

The Project

ENHAGA is a cutting edge two-year project that will develop and implement innovative practices to eliminate cyber harassment for female gamers through the development of an online game with associated tools to empower young girls on how to react to cases of cyber sexual harassment and further report incidents and eventually muting those who are often reported from online chat ; the project will further promote awareness raising activities about the need to ensure harassment-free gaming environments for all.

Aim of the project

Preventing and combatting psychological online harassment especially for girls and young female gamers

Promoting capacity-building for relevant professionals in the gaming sector

Making provisions for gamers from diverse backgrounds by helping to spread knowledge about the need to combat violence based on gender

Equipping relevant stakeholders with awareness, tools and empowerment in order to report cyber harassment and build cross-gender ecosystems of tolerance and respect

Work packages

Project Management & Coordination

During this phase that runs through the whole project implementation period, the consortium will deliver and report upon a meticulously designed work plan, while ensuring all necessary quality assurance and evaluation processes.

Lead partner: SANSAT
Period of implementation: April 2020 – March 2022

ENHAGA State of the Art and Ecosystem Mapping

During this phase the consortium will:

  • investigate the current status, challenges and gaps in combating cyber sexual harassment, particularly towards female gamers
  • identify case studies and lessons learned from the design, development and implementation of combating cyber sexual harassment practices at EU and international level
  • collect the needs, the perceptions, the challenges and the expectations of the stakeholders
  • inform, support, progress and adjust the development of the ENHAGA tools based on the outcomes of the overall ecosystem mapping of status, challenges, gaps, practices and methods in combating cyber sexual harassment, particularly towards female gamers.
Lead partner: RJ4ALL
Period of implementation: April 2020 –August 2020

ENHAGA game, plug-ins & training

This phase of the project is devoted the following objectives:

  • To design and developed a need and gaps oriented game to combat sexual cyber-harassment
  • To develop and adjust an online game as well as reporting and muting plug-ins to combat sexual harassment in gaming
  • The instructional design of an informed and needs oriented training package for target groups and beneficiaries
  • To develop innovative learning tools and the platform where the game and the training activities will be hosted
  • To design and develop the ENHAGA Training toolkit, an online behavior guide, a component of the wider ENHAGA toolkit, to assist the transferability and adaptation of ENHAGA outcomes in different training contexts
Lead partner: CSI
Period of implementation: September 2020 –March 2022

ENHAGA Learning and Training Activities Implementation

During this phase of the project the partners will implement the Learning Activities in all their countries and multiply its online use and accessibility in the majority of EU member states, to at least 400 young females.

ENHAGA partners will build the capacity, skills and understanding of at least 200 youth workers, social workers, gender equality practitioners and education staff. Also, they will provide access to at least 100 trainers from all partner countries in the Training material. Furthermore, they will collect good examples of implementation that will support the future spread, and effective implementation of the ENHAGA Training Toolkit.

Lead partner: KEAN
Period of implementation: April 2021 – March 2022

Dissemination and Sustainability

During the course of this horizontal phase that will be guided by the present report, the ENHAGA partners are expected to deliver concrete information and dissemination material that will enable the implementation of a successful communication plan and public awareness raising campaign. Additionally, it will include the setup up of the national info days, the setup of the ENHAGA Stakeholders Network and the Final International Conference.

Lead partner: Symplexis
Period of implementation: April 2020 – March 2022